Inflammation and Weight Gain

Multiple studies have linked chronic inflammation and weight gain, as well as heart disease, diabetes, allergies, arthritis, and yes – obesity. Basically, silent inflammation is an indication that problems are developing in your body progressively, only to have the symptoms show up after the fact, if you will.

There are two types of inflammation that affect your body: obvious inflammation that you can feel, such as aching joints or bruising from an injury, and “silent inflammation”, also known as chronic inflammation, of which you are likely unaware (hence the word “silent”).

The Anti-inflammatory Diet

For most people, an example would be the highly-processed foods in our diets, which are full of inflammatory foods: such as bagels, muffins, cookies, french fries, and soda. These foods contribute to ill health and can create an unbalanced state in your body that will contribute to many chronic health problems. If you make changes to your diet, with foods that work for your body (such as leafy green salads and juices), and that help you to stop the inflammatory process, you will begin to feel much better rather quickly.

Doing so will also help you begin to regain control of your weight, while also putting you in control of your own health and wellbeing.

Below is a list of inflammatory foods that many of us crave, along with healthier, anti-inflammatory alternatives:

  • Milk chocolate – square of dark chocolate (70% cacao or higher)
  • Vegetable oil – olive oil
  • White rice – brown rice
  • Peanuts – walnuts
  • Beef – fish or wild-caught salmon

If you struggle with feeling well on a regular basis, even daily, mindful eating – that is, being conscious of the foods you consume – is the first step to eliminating inflammatory foods from your life. Once you begin to do this, you’ll have fewer gastro-intestinal problems, reduced autoimmune issues, and you’ll begin to regain control of your weight.

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