A distance healing session is performed while you are in a comfortable area where you will not be disturbed.  I start the session with a phone call to you.  We discuss your issues and set  intentions for our session.  We disconnect  from our call.  I get to work as you relax.  10 minutes prior to the end of our session, I call you back and we discuss what I did for you and what you experienced.  Based on this conversation, I may give you practices to work on independently to continue your healing process.

Are you skeptical about distance healing?  I was skeptical as well until I started working with it and realized that energy transmission is energy transmission whether it happens across the room or across the world.

Here’s a testimonial from Glenn E…

As one who regularly engages in alternative modalities for health and healing and have experienced amazing results , my last distance session with Christy far exceeded both of our expectations. The energy was flow was pure and clear, with several levels of insight and wisdom coming through into the conscious. The mp3 recording is an excellent addition to assist in a subsequent meditation/review of the session.

Authors who have written about remote/distance healing include David Wilcock, Dr. Valerie Hunt, Lynne McTaggart, Eileen Day McKusick, Carl Jung, Toby Alexander, Barbara Ann Brennan and many more. 

Have you ever been in a public place or in a crowd and felt someone looking at you?  You turn around and sure enough someone is staring right at you!  Or, have you ever had a friend suddenly pop into your mind and the next thing that occurs is the phone ringing or a text beeping from that very person.  Carl Jung calls this collective consciousness. Distance healing is the process of a practitioner, such as myself, asking for your permission, and then tuning into your individual energy field.  When I tune into your energy field, I can make changes on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels that may alleviate symptoms.

Distance healing is an amazing addition to your Human Design Reading and Spiritual Life Coaching.  It helps us zero in quickly on your core issues so you can finally heal.

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