Charts are $200!  This includes your personalized 8-10 page Human Design written description and a recorded hour phone consult.

Do you truly understand what it means “to be yourself”? Who are you TRULY? A Human Design Chart Reading will teach you who you are so you can realize your full potential. Human Design is an objective system that puts you in present tense in your own life. It is a “cake mix” based on the ancient IChing which describes specific characteristics of your human makeup, astrology, the chakra system of the body which tells us where energy is present in the body and how it moves, and the Kabbalah. The branches of the Kabbalah are parallels to the channels in the Human Design Chart. This part of the reading tells you how energy moves within your body. It connects your energy centers or your chakras to each other.

Human Design  quite literally connects science and spirituality.

Your Human Design Chart Reading…

  • Teaches you the best people to be around and the best environments to be in.
  • Reveals your true self’s underlying nature.
  • Helps you understand your specific personality and the personalities of those around you.
  • Connects you to your life’s purpose.
  • Teaches you how to navigate relationships.
  • Empowers and enlightens parents raising children as to how to optimize their emotional growth.
  • Explains the best way for you to make decisions.
  • An excellent tool to help you manage and/or overcome health issues and emotional challenges such as depression and anxiety.
  • You’ll learn how to live your most vibrant and authentic life!

For your personal complimentary chart, contact Christy at Please send me your first name, last name, birth month, birth date, birth year, birth time, city and state of birth.

Human Design Chart Example

Here’s an example of a chart if you were born on May 11, 2019 at noon in Denver, CO. and a brief explanation of what this chart teaches.

Click Image to Enlarge: