Auric Healing

All living beings have auras.  The term aura may sound very new age however, it’s a proven scientific phenomenon.  The aura is the electromagnetic energy that is emitted from all living creatures.  This energy or morphogenetic field has been studied extensively by many experts namely;  Dr. John Pierrakos, Barbara Brennan, Rupert Sheldrake, and Toby Alexander.   They have studied the aura the chakras, and the connection between the electromagnetic field and dysfunctional physical conditions.  

Negative energies have the potential to block the natural movement of this energy field thus, creating issues in the physical body.  When the aura is cleared of negative entities, the normal flow resumes and the physical body heals efficiently and completely. Many experience relief immediately, others take longer. Either way, it’s a process of removing the negative, infusing the positive and waiting for integration.

Who can benefit from an Auric Clearing?  Well, everyone but specifically…

Those who have tried every conceivable modality and continue to suffer

Those who have seen every possible specialist and still don’t have a diagnosis

Those who have seen every specialist and now have multiple diagnoses and multiple treatment options. 

Those who want to be empowered with tools to expedite healing as well as maintain wellness.

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