As one who regularly engages in alternative modalities for health and healing and have experienced amazing results , my last distance session with Christy far exceeded both of our expectations. The energy was flow was pure and clear, with several levels of insight and wisdom coming through into the conscious. The mp3 recording is an excellent addition to assist in a subsequent meditation/review of the session.


Glenn E

I have been seeing Christy for 5 years, and she has changed my life. I have had 6 spinal surgeries and lived in constant pain. Since beginning with Christy, I am now able to go to the gym 4 days a week and lead a far more active lifestyle. She is one of the most wonderful and compassionate people I know.

Julia Peay

Christy is truly remarkable. I see her first thing Monday mornings, often trailing the remnants of an overindulgent weekend into her office and, after treatment, I emerge grounded, balanced and equipped to face anything the week has in store. I enthusiastically recommend her!

Margot Burns

Christy Sanger is amazing!!  I’ve tried many types of therapy to feel better, but Christy has changed my life in an enormous way with her intuition, skilled hands and forward thinking approach.   There is nobody I would recommend more highly!


It was very exciting to learn that Christy Sanger would be teaching workshops for people. For my equine students this is a valuable addition to their practice. To be able to work with both the horse and rider to restore balance is powerful and much needed.

Tracy Vroom

It is great to see Christy because I get to relax, she’s positive and makes me feel better!

Will, age 11

Christy Sanger is a master healer.  When I eventually found my way to Christy’s practice, a fortunate referral from a colleague of mine, I had been suffering from severe back pain for nearly three months as a result of a herniated lumbar disc.  The pain ran down my leg and through my foot constantly, with severe tingling and numbness.  At all costs I wanted to avoid surgery.   Prior to seeing Christy, I had undertaken a variety of treatments including two unsuccessful epidural steroid injections and was convinced I would become completely dependent on pain medication, unable to regain my active lifestyle.  The afternoon of my first appointment I arrived grimacing in pain and limping significantly despite the use of a cane.  She calmly assured me that I would not need the cane when I left that day and strongly suggested I not use it again.  Her confidence was a bit unsettling yet there was something in her calm demeanor and almost imperceptible therapeutic touch that suggested this was going to be different and better.  An hour later, I left her office for the first time in months walking upright and without my cane! I knew then that I had found my healer.  But the hard work was still to come and together over the next many months we became a team.  Initially, I saw Christy weekly.  Each time, the treatment was effective in alleviating more of the pain and enabling the damaged nerves in my back and leg to begin to heal.  Gradually, as I grew stronger, she taught me exercises using weights and the Pilate reformer.  We discussed the affect diet has on inflammation and digestion – both stress factors contributing to weakening of the spine.   I changed my eating routines.  This was a healing process that was definitely changing me from the inside out, using the strength of my own body to recover, guided by her incredible healing touch.     It’s been four years since that first day when I walked into her office with my cane.   Today I am active, strong and pain free and living life differently, so very grateful for what I have learned from truly a healing master.

Ann Baker Easley

Christy Sanger is absolutely brilliant in the way she gets rid of your pain by finding the source of your pain.  She is a wizard for the body, mind and spirit.  Christy Sanger has an uncanny ability to find what is causing your pain and fix it. I cannot imagine what my life would have been like if I had not found Christy.  She has kept me “put together” and has found ways to alleviate the pain. She continues to give me excellent advice on exercise,  nutrition and lifestyle that have made a huge difference in my quality of life.

When she doesn’t know the answer to a problem, she reads and researches until she finds it.

The breadth of her knowledge on muscles, tendons, tissue etc. is astounding.  She also understands everything about nutrition and ties that into her treatment.

When I give someone Christy’s contact info I feel I’ve given them a gift that money cannot buy.

Most of our family depends on Christy, we call her “the back whisperer.”

Marcy Benson

Christy Sanger brings elements of care, support and knowledge in a process that focuses on healing the body.


Christy Sanger’s therapy involves a holistic body approach that focuses on allowing the body to heal.  She has helped me realize that a holistic approach to healing the body is needed for success.  Her positive spirit and overwhelming care are what differentiates her practice.

The knowledge based, unconventional approach are needed in a world of generic diagnosis. Christy has the gift of healing and a knowledge base that brings the healing process back to science.  If you want to improve your life and heal your body, a visit to the caring therapy of Christy Sanger should be at the top of your to-do list.

Gibson Smith