Chronic Pain and Discomfort are NOT Normal – You CAN Choose to Feel Better

Far too many people today accept pain and discomfort as a way of life. “It is what it is” may be the most frustrating sentence in our popular vernacular – especially when people are referring to themselves and how poorly they feel.

  • First, pain is NOT the default condition for human beings.
  • Second, living in dis-ease is NOT “normal.”
  • Third, you ARE in control of how you feel; 24/7, 365: mind, body, spirit.

I find it interesting that, as our population has been aging and Baby Boomers have begun to reach retirement, our entire culture has become far more accepting of chronic pain and general discomfort of their bodies as a way of life. And yet, based on my experience with the people I work with in my practice, such is not the case.

Why Are You Feeling Bad?

In fact, relief from the “aches and pains of life and aging” is readily available. And, while many seem to be dealing with a variety of issues, finding real wellness is possible for virtually everyone. While the list of complaints can be daunting, most are related to nutrition, inflammation or stress, such as:

  • Physical pain
  • Emotional pain
  • Anxiety
  • Food sensitivities
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression
  • Peri/menopause
  • Adrenal fatigue

Wait, what?

You’ll notice right away that this list does not include heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. This is because all those conditions are a result of the issues listed above – the causes.

NOTE: Obviously, injuries can be the cause of many of these health issues, especially if left untreated or when treated poorly. However, most chronic conditions are a result of inflammation and stress, with a large dose of poor dietary choices exacerbating them.

Unfortunately, traditional medicine does not have a great record when dealing with these chronic conditions. On the other hand, contemporary medicine is making progress toward new and innovative treatment protocols; with alternative medicine, functional medicine, and integrative medicine leading the way.

These involve innovative protocols that move beyond treating symptoms to finding and treating causes of your dis-ease:

  • Acupuncture
  • Natural remedies
  • Biomedical therapies
  • Holistic pain relief
  • Naturopathic nutrition and remedies

The technique that I practice today is a combination of holistic techniques that aligns joints, balances the body, creates efficiency and fluidity of motion of the organs, and relaxes the nervous system. The manual techniques I employ are combined with lifestyle changes that allow the body to maintain the changes made on your body. Lifestyle changes commonly include nutrition and stress management.

Are you curious about my holistic approach to relieving chronic pain and discomfort? Click here to learn more.

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