Adrenal Fatigue: How far will you push your body? Read my personal experience below.

Today’s society places tremendous value on how much you do and how hard you work. It is assumed that if you work really hard, you must be successful. How far are you willing to go to achieve society’s vision of success? Think about it and read my personal story.

I’ve been studying a syndrome called Adrenal Fatigue for years. The leader  in this field is Dr Frank Lipman. His book Revive: Stop Feeling Spent and Start Living is extremely informative and is an easy read. Based on my studies, you would think I’d know better!

Last weekend, I taught my Body Whisperer Technique to an amazing group. We had such an inspirational weekend of learning, community and self care. I truly love teaching. However, a good teacher is always “on”. Teachers are prepared to answer any question they may be asked and to connect with students to learn what each needs to be successful.

Saturday night after class, I felt this odd nervous system vibration. It felt like my whole body was shaking. I had a healthy dinner, relaxed and went to bed. I was thrilled to hit the hay early, get a good night sleep so I’d be rested for day 2 of class. Wishful thinking! I did my Headspace meditation and initially slept. I woke about 2 hours later, fell back to sleep and again woke up 2 hours later. This cycle continued until 5 am when I finally got out of bed.

I headed to the gym for my treadmill run, an intense 3 mile run. It takes about 22 minutes from start to finish. It is challenging however, I never feel as if the workout is impossible. Sunday morning it was impossible. What did I do? Well, of course I mustered superwoman strength to push through and complete the workout as planned.

I arrived to class feeling great, had a great day and headed home. Again, the crazy shaking thing happened. Getting to bed early once again did not help. I woke every 2 hours. I headed to the office Monday morning tired but focused and excited to see people! The day was great until I went to a meeting. Shaking again!!! Yikes!!!

Adrenal fatigue? You bet! I pushed my body beyond its limits and my body reacted. When you get in the cycle of pushing your body past its limits, you train your body to keep going even if you’re exhausted.

What did I do to help myself? I made sure my diet was perfect, I did only the things that were absolutely necessary, and I decreased the intensity of my exercise routine. I turned my mentality from crisis mode to relax and breathe mode. My thought process was get your work done and take time to sit and stare out the window.

It took about 3 days to get my system back on track. Had I let it go further I could have ended up sick and unable to get out of bed. Phew! I feel like I dodged a bullet.

If you feel like you might have adrenal related symptoms, send me an email and I’ll point you in the right direction!

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