What does it mean to be a Body Whisperer?

What does it mean to be a Body Whisperer?

When you learn to be a Body Whisperer, you learn to combine anatomical science with the intuition from your hands. According to Albert Einstein, everything is energy. Hence, E= mc2. It is science, it is not nonsense.

The Body Whisperer level 1 class starts with an anatomy lesson. We learn how the organs, the nervous system and the spine relate to each other. We then learn how our emotions get stuck in our bodies. When emotions get stuck in the body, the result can be pain.

When the lecture is complete and we have learned the science and the psychology, we move on to lunch. I bring in lunch so we can nourish our bodies with allergen free food. Our lunch also gives us time to chat, share and get to know each other. Learning to become a Body Whisperer is also about being part of a community that shares your values.

Lunch ends and we have a 20 minute meditation. For those who know me, I’m a huge fan of the app Headspace. We’ll do a 20 minute meditation with Andy!!

After Andy, we hit the tables. Thank you to my former students who volunteer to be my demonstration bodies! I demonstrate the 30 step Body Whisperer protocol on my volunteers so you as a student don’t miss a thing.

After each demonstration, we practice each technique. After we learn each technique, we put the techniques all together to complete the Body Whisperer protocol. Everyone receives a full treatment from your peers under my supervision.

The scenario I just described goes through the entire weekend. We start Sunday with Q & A then continue our practice. On Sunday, we again bring in lunch and meditate. After meditation, we put the entire 30 step Body Whisperer protocol together. We end class with another meditation guided by me. This final meditation is the 30 step Body Whisperer protocol. This is a meditation and treatment technique you can use on yourself! I hope to get a GREAT recording of the Body Whisperer mediation this weekend for you to use on yourself at home! Stay tuned. When the recording is complete, I’ll download it to youtube for you to use at your leisure.

My purpose and my passion is teaching my Body Whisperer protocol. Join me. I promise it will change your life as it has mine. When you become a Body Whisperer, you will help others heal. You will also heal yourself.

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