Distance Healing: Fact or Fiction?

Distance Healing: Fact or Fiction?

For those of you who know me, I don’t spend time on purposeless activity that does not yield results. For those of you who DON’T know me, I am industrious… meaning I work hard at achieving efficient results.

So, a few months back I had 2 cases of people I knew in terrible pain. Both cases were too far away to attend in office sessions. I proposed the distance healing option to both. I told each of them in my non scientific way that I had been working with my teacher on distance healing and my horse-treating colleagues swear up and down that this is a valid method that works! I had no experience with this to date, no certification and no book. I had and have hearsay only and a minimal amount of practice with my teacher.

Both clients agreed to be my guinea pigs. When trying new techniques, first and foremost, it is important to evaluate risk. If there is any risk of harm, the technique should be immediately discarded, never to be thought of again. I evaluated my risk with each person and knew there would be no harm with this technique. My worst case scenarios with both would be no results! Big bummer for me to not see results, but HIGHLY motivated and inspired to dig deeper, work harder to get results.

So, my first person’s physical condition was an absolute train wreck. The first time I met this person, I was not optimistic at all which is a rarity for me…not being optimistic. He was making great gains with in office sessions but the 2 hour drive to and from the office was wearing. I explained to him the concept of distance healing. He was game. We did 5 weekly sessions and he improved even more than he did in the office! Shocking!! He’s back to his life!

The second person’s case was an amazing experience. I received a call from a client in severe pain. This person couldn’t move, couldn’t get out of the bed. The person’s schedule the next day was packed with highly strenuous activity that would need to be canceled if she could not find relief.

I had a really long day and finally settled down about 930 pm to try a distance healing session in an effort to decrease this person’s pain. I was drawn to this person’s right leg from the ankle to the hip. I couldn’t get any farther than the hip. I was so frustrated, thinking… I stink and this work is garbage. I stopped the session at this point thinking…distance healing must not work on everyone. Sigh… and back to the drawing board. Ha, not so fast!! I received communication the next day that the pain was not totally gone but had lessened significantly to the point this person was able to attend all of the next day’s planned activities! Once again…shocked with the results!!

As of this very second, I only do this work on people I have seen in the office. Maybe one day, my technique will be strong enough to work with those I haven’t met. If you’ve seen me in clinic and think that distance healing is something you’d like to try, your first session is free. Here’s how it works. I give you a tentative time on a specific date. You don’t have to change your activities during our appointment however, I plan your session when most people are sleeping or quiet. Typically, I like to do Saturdays and Sundays at 6 am. This I find is also my most effective time for distance work as the amount of focus required to perform the session is very high. Once I get your permission to enter your energy field, there is no further communication until I send you an email describing what I found, what I did, and if indicated, what you need to do to continue your healing.

I’m so excited to pursue this branch of healing!! It’s so important to continue to find new methods of healing and to improve on existing methods that treat the entire person or animal without risk!!

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