Are You Living in a Toxic Home?

For the environmentally conscious, caring for the long-term health of the planet is a good thing since, as of today, we have no alternative to living on Earth. But, there is increasing research that shows the impact of the home environment on the health of your family is even more important than external influences may be.

From the air in your home to your cleaning supplies; the carpeting your children learned to crawl on to the soap you use to bathe them; from your laundry detergent to the clothing you choose to wear, for your family and yourself, you are likely exposing your entire family to toxins that are harmful – both short-term and long-term.

Beyond these environmental factors in your home, there is also research that shows how parental stress can have a profound negative effect on your children – from very young kids to teenagers.

In an article at, it is explained that, “Indoor air can have higher concentrations of toxins than outdoor air. Ironically, these chemical toxins come from the products we use to make our lives better.” (Please read through to the end for a list of safe, organic alternatives for your home.)

The article goes on to present a rather startling list of some of the most common and useful items of convenience in the homes of most people that may, in fact, be toxic to your family.

Should you detox your home for your family?

A quick tour of virtually any modern home will uncover several potentially toxic areas and items that you will want to remove from the environment that directly affects you and your family.

  • Kitchen – With chemical-based cleaning products stored beneath the sink, and with a variety of plastic containers, non-stick pots and pans, as well as the foods you choose, the “most popular” room in your house has the potential to be the most toxic room in your house, especially for very young children. (See this post on toxic cookware.)
  • Living room – The electronics and furniture in your home are manufactured using flame retardants and caustic chemicals that may leak into the dust in the living areas and other rooms, while allergens and bacteria may thrive in upholstery, drapes, and rugs or carpets. Since very young children tend to put many things in their mouths, these things can be extremely harmful.
  • Bathrooms – Like your kitchen, your bathrooms will likely have many potentially harmful, caustic chemicals stored beneath the sinks. In addition to these though, your personal care and beauty products have the potential to do great harm – not just to your children but to you, as well. Many of the most common ingredients in these products have been linked to health problems for adults; it takes little to imagine how they might be harmful to a young child.
  • Clothing – While not specifically mentioned in the article, clothing made from organic materials such as cotton, bamboo, and even hemp (where available) could be a healthier option for you and your family. For example, clothing made with conventional cotton may be loaded with traces of the pesticides and other chemicals used in the growing and processing of cotton fibers. Because of this, we advocate in the strongest terms for 100% organic clothing, particularly organic cotton for young children.

Investing some time to clean up and detox your home will make a far safer environment for your children to grow up strong and healthy – while also being healthier for you.

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