Training Intensive for Heart-Centered Healing Professionals

If you’ve devoted your life and career to heart-centered healing, the training I offer in my Body Whisperer Technique intensive training is exactly what you need to move to the next level, for your clients and for yourself.

My Body Whisperer Technique is a hands-on, non-manipulative, energetic protocol that rejuvenates organ function, relaxes the nervous system, aligns the spine and releases trapped emotions. This two-level course teaches you how to quickly implement the most effective techniques for you to get your clients feeling better as quickly as possible.

I’ve spent the past 25 years developing this technique, through hands-on contact with people from all walks of life with all sorts of ailments. As a result of my experience and training, I’ve developed a manual technique based on the science of craniosacral therapy (nervous system relaxation), visceral mobilization (organ movement to restore normal body movement), nutrition to reduce inflammation, stress management techniques, and exercise. By sharing my technique with others through the school I’ve started, I hope to broaden my reach and enhance the wellness of my community.

Become a Healing Body Whisperer

The Body Whisperer Technique is a combination of hands-on technique, science, and intuition. Through this training, you will learn to use your hands and intuition to balance your clients physically and emotionally!

During this training, you and your classmates will learn to align your bodies and relax your nervous systems while each of you are on the table, helping you to reduce and manage your stress so you can heal. You can take my classes if you want to personally learn more about my technique, help family and friends, or start or enhance your own alternative healing business.

The only prerequisites to attend this course are some basic human anatomy knowledge – the desire to help yourself and others – and an open heart.

Do you have questions about my Body Whisperer Intensive Training? Feel free to contact me today to see if we would be a good match to help you realize your heart-centered healing goals and dreams.

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