christy-sangerChristy Sanger is a physical therapist gone alternative.

After graduating from Skidmore College, Christy went on to earn a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University. After graduating from the Physical Therapy Master’s program, she worked for one year. After one year of practice, she realized that the Masters degree was insufficient to help those in pain. Christy then went on to earn a Masters Degree in Orthopedic Manual Therapy through the Ola Grimsby institute. This degree taught Christy how to evaluate and treat pain from a manual therapy perspective. After completing the Masters in Orthopedic Manual therapy, Christy began to treat people with pelvic pain. The knowledge from the Manual Therapy Masters combined with specialized pelvic floor interventions helped her make significant headway treating these cases.

This was not the end of her educational journey.

Christy then studied and implemented visceral mobilization into the treatment of people with pelvic pain and into the treatment of all pain syndromes. The visceral work taught by the Barral Institute added to Christy’s toolbox once again helping those in pain.

Christy knew the next piece to add was the treatment of the nervous system. She began to study Craniosacral and Somatoemotional Release with the Upledger Institute. Christy continued to study and earned a Craniosacral certification through the Upledger Institute.

Nutrition was the next missing piece. Naturopathic nutrition rids the body of inflammation. Inflammation causes pain and disease.

Christy also earned her Pilates certification through Polestar.

The technique Christy practices today is her combination of the above techniques that align joints, balances the body, creates efficiency and fluidity of motion of the organs and relaxes the nervous system. The manual techniques are combined with lifestyle changes that allow the body to maintain the changes made on the table. Lifestyle changes include nutrition and stress management.