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Become a Body Whisperer! 

If you’re reading this, it is highly likely you have stumbled on your life’s purpose.  I know I never thought I’d be doing what I do today 25 years ago.  My journey has not been without challenges, but the life changing results I see daily in my clients and in myself is what makes all the effort so worth it!  Join me and start your journey.  You’ll reach deep inside yourself and discover talents you never knew existed.

The objective of this Level 1 course is to teach my Body Whisperer Technique in an easy to understand format.  The Body Whisperer Technque is a hands on, non manipulative, energetic  protocol that rejuvenates  organ function,  relaxes the nervous system, aligns the spine and releases trapped emotions.    My course teaches you how to quickly implement the most effective techniques to get your people better as quickly as possible.  Class is a combination of lecture and manual techniques.  The maximum class size is 6 people.  We will have 2 tables with 3 people in each group.  One person treats, the other is on the table, and the third is for support for whatever the treating person needs.  My goal in this class is to give each participant the individual support and direction needed to implement your new tools and see results quickly.

The only prerequisites to attend this course are some basic human anatomy knowledge and an open heart.  In fact, I just read a statement from one of my teachers who discussed the fact that you can’t hurt anyone if your heart is open!  Such an amazing and accurate  thought!!

Anatomy will be discussed in detail with the focus on relationships  of body parts to each other.  You will connect the neurology to the body parts so you can use  the nervous system to interrupt the pain cycle.  You will  learn how to relieve organ stress, another effective pain relief technique. The organs, the nervous system in addition to spinal innervation of the body parts, the relationship between vertebral segments and body parts, the diaphragm, the dura, the cranial nerves and the cranial bones will be discussed.  You will learn about the emotions that are held in the anatomy and how to handle people who break down on your table.  My course also teaches a method for you to use “The Body Whisperer Technique” for your own self care.  Such an amazing way to end and summarize this information packed course!

Level 1 must be taken prior to level 2.  Level 2 is based on The Body Whisperer Technique learned in Level 1.  Level 2 teaches you to take the basic protocol to an energetically deeper and structure specific level.  Level 2 will allow you to exponentially skyrocket your results.

“The Body Whisperer Technique”   is a combination of technique,  science, and intuition.  You will learn to use your hands and intuition to  balance your people physically and emotionally!!  Even more importantly, you will learn how to care for yourself.





Training Intensive Level 2:  August 5 th and 6 th 2017-Postponed.  Next date TBA

The prerequisite for Level 2 is Level 1.  You will take The Body Whisperer Technique to a deeper level which will maximize your already outstanding results.  We will further explore your own self care.  Self love and self care further enhances the changes your clients experience.




Training Intensive Level 1:  Next date TBA

The prerequisites include a basic knowledge of human anatomy and an open heart. Please find the application under the “Forms” section on my website. Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified of your acceptance or denial. The reason for your denial will be explained.

The total payment for this course is $800. You can pay a $100 deposit to hold your spot. If the total payment is not paid 14 days prior to day 1 of class, your spot may be given away. The deposit will be credited to the next class. The total of $800 is due by the first day of class. If you need to cancel after you have paid any amount, you will be placed in the next class. No refunds will be given.



Future Event Dates:  Level 1 must be taken prior to Level 2

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Order - $100 Deposit Order - $800 In Full

Order - $100 Deposit Order - $800 In Full

1-hour private mentoring

… this service is for the student to further private learning, $140

This service is for the student to further his learning privately. This service is only for students who have been accepted to and have completed the training. This can be a “treat & and teach” which is a session where you are the client. In this situation, as I treat you, we will discuss what is found and why I’m doing what I’m doing. The other option is for me to recruit a client of mine as a volunteer for you to treat under my supervision. You may also bring a friend or family member that you treat under my supervision.

Training Manual coming soon!