New Service! Available Immediately!!

Alternative Healthcare Business Start-Up + Business Building Coaching

I’m so excited to offer you this opportunity! It’s been on my mind and in my heart for quite a while. My forward motion was prompted by a recent comment from a new client. Her comment to me upon walking into my office was, “I can’t believe you run your whole entire business on you own. How can you not have someone sitting here?”

It’s true, I run my ENTIRE day-to-day business on my own – from my cell phone. Do I work a lot? Yes, absolutely! Who doesn’t work a lot these days, even if you’re working for someone else? The difference is, I work whenever I WANT to! Which is most days, A LOT. When you follow your PURPOSE and your PASSION, work is FUN!! You’ll WANT to work!!

There are a few essentials that are easy to implement; a few easy items that will begin your journey to your own gig! First, you must implement your technology. I researched and tried multiple options until I finally found the most efficient tools on the planet. Second, you must find your people who fill in your knowledge gaps. This is what I meant when I said I run my entire day-to-day business on my own. I’ve found the BEST of the BEST experts who function as consultants and not employees! This allows you to spend your days utilizing your STRENGTHS for the betterment of mankind. Do more of what you LOVE every day!!

Business Coaching for Healthcare Entrepreneurs ($200/session)

I am ready and waiting to help you achieve the Alternative Healthcare business of your dreams! Don’t waste a precious moment!

Here’s what you’ll learn in your one-on-one coaching sessions…

  • Team Essentials – I’ll get you on the road to surrounding yourself with the types of people you need and, in most cases, actual, dependable, ethical referrals who understand what you need to get your Alternative Healthcare business off to an amazing start!
  • Skill Essentials – I’ll help you turn your passion into a “niche”. Do what no one else does! There aren’t many guarantees in this world, but I can guarantee that your skills will determine your results. You can have the GREATEST marketing plan on earth but, if your clients aren’t seeing results, you’re sunk!
  • Technology Essentials – I’ll get you started with the most intuitive, efficient technology for scheduling and accounting that will allow you to single-handedly do YOUR OWN thing!

Thank you! I’m Super Excited to get you on your fast track to YOUR OWN GIG!!

Much love,